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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Popfest Band Profile - Professor Pez!

Professor Pez is a band from the rainy town of Bergen on the west coast of Norway. Formed around 2001 they play cheerful, upbeat indiepop allthough they are a bunch of bitter and hateful people in their mid to late twenties. They wil release their third album “Hordaland” this fall on the on the worlds laziest label Galant Records in Norway. Hordaland is also the name of the part of Norway where Professor Pez live, and the songs are about different people, places and events taking place here.

Although Hordaland is a very strange place, they firmly believe that a separation from the rest of the country would be in order as everything in Norway is run by dodgy businessmen with sunglasses in the capital Oslo. In connection with the release of their latest record, they will try to tour as much as they can and that involves a two week tour of the northeastern part of the US, including Popfest! New England and a short trip to Iceland. They will of course tour the far corners of their own Hordaland, and maybe even Oslo and some other Norwegian cities get a visit. They have also made a video for the song “Papillon (Escape from Ulfsnes Island)” on the record which trancends all other videos in musicvideohistory. It includes the band wearing green tights, a horse, trained ninjas, a castle, a lot of fighting and a strange ending. And even some high quality crossbowshooting. It doesn`t get any better than this until 2009.


Popfest Line-Up Complete!

Here it is, folks, the final Popfest line-up! Subject to change, as always, but we've confirmed and re-confirmed and everyone is in!

Buy tickets here!

Links to bands, music and more on the Popfest! New England 2007 Myspace

Friday, November 9 Doors @ 8pm
eula, New Haven, CT
The Toothaches, Jamaica Plain, MA
The Fawns, Northampton, MA
One Happy Island, Boston, MA
The Besties, Brooklyn, NY
My Teenage Stride, NYC
bunnygrunt, St. Louis, MO

Saturday, November 10 Doors @ 8pm
Silly Piano Pillows, Friendsville, PA
The Grade Grubbers, Buffalo, NY
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, NYC
Brown Recluse Sings, Philadelphia, PA
Pants Yell!, Cambridge, MA
St. Christopher, York, UK

Sunday, November 11 Doors @ 8pm
The 500s, Portland, ME
Nils Folke Valdemar Sings, Gothenburg, Sweden
Surefire Broadcast, Hammonton, NJ
The Smittens, Burlington, VT
Professor Pez, Bergen, Norway

Sunday Matinee 3pm
Singing Bridges, Oakville, CT
Scary Monster, Philadelphia, PA
Colin Clary + a Magog, Burlington, VT
The Capstan Shafts, Lyndonville, VT


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