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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Food for the Ears Part II

Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Our last night with Locas in Love - we were glad to host them at SSR/HQ for a relaxing dinner - more food! They finished up the mixing of the Karpatenhund album on Tuesday, allowing some time to do some favorite things. Wednesday involved driving to New York City just so that they could have a walk in Central Park. Isn't that cute? I warned them about the traffic back to Connecticut - it took them almost 4 hours to reach our house. Luckily they were right on time and arrived a little before 8pm. Aileen and Ryan also came over to say goodbye.

We had margaritas and sat down for a feast of burritos with roasted butternut squash, leeks and carrots, refried beans, olives, salsas galore, homemade guacamole and the whole spread. I had made some tomato salsa, but unfortunately I forgot about it! For the grande finale American dessert I made brownies, which was topped with homemade fudge sauce and ice cream.

Unfortunately I do not have a lot of pictures. It was a sad evening to see our friends go, but we hope to see them again in the coming year.


Food for the Ears - Part I....

I'm thinking that maybe I should start a foodie blog. This past month hanging out with Locas in Love from Germany has been a combination of fantastic vegetarian meals and some great shows. We had the chance to hang out two more times after The Evens show.

Friday, December 15
We ventured south to Bridgeport and Tarquin Studios (just google it - you'll get some good stories), where Niklas and Bjorn had created an amazing pot of vegetarian chili. Their secret? They flamed whiskey in the pot - I think when the onions were cooking. I got home a little early that afternoon, so I had the time to make Edensoy Cornbread. It's a really great recipe, try it sometime! It went perfect with the chili. In my quest to feed Locas in Love all things American, I also made classic Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yum!

We had a little tour of the studios, which were totally amazing, had some wine, some food and then off to the Fairfield Theatre.

The theatre was an intimate affair. And they had a bar, which proved to be the beginning of many libations. Big Fat Combo played first, a classic bar band with songs about Sam the Clam and the Halle-Bop Comet. The guy on the stand-up bass was great.

Philistines Jr. went on next. Later I learned that Peter went to UVM at the same time I had a radio show on WRUV in high school. I miss that place! I had many friends in the "Ceramics Suite" at UVM, in the classic "Living and Learning" dorms. I also knew drummer Adam from back in the Port Chester days, when The Beat was the place to go to see shows (and also where I met William).

The Zambonis are a total riot and so much fun to watch. There were a ton of kids down in front and I had an urge to go make them dance. They bopped around enough, though. The Hockey Monkey is the best part and the accompanying song is a lot of fun. Listen to "Hockey Monkey" on the Zambonis Myspace. And while you're at it, add the Hockey Monkey as your friend!

If you think this is really a joke, it's not. Yes, there is a hockey band from Connecticut that travels all over the world to bring the enjoyment of hockey to the masses. Even NBC found the inner meaning, watch the video of The Zambonis on NBC Sports - filmed at the December 15th show!

Mark Mulcahy went on next and performed a really great show. I can't really do it justice with words. He played a long time, performed some great songs (like from The Backyard) and the audience was thrilled.

The rest of the evening involved returning to Tarquin studios and staying up past 3am drinking really good whiskey. Thanks everyone!


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